Check out a selection of our members snaps 

  1. Route Setting
    Route Setting
    Route Setters Eoin, Caolán & Cahir making a few final adjustments
  2. Rescue Training
    Rescue Training
    Caolán rescuing Cahir in a casualty scenario
  3. Sea Cliffs
    Sea Cliffs
    Club Members getting a taste of climbing on Sea Cliffs in Donegal
  4. The Hanging Rock
    The Hanging Rock
    HRCC lies in the trees in the shadow of the Hanging Rock (Seen from Lough Erne)
  5. Patrick's smile
    Patrick's smile
    Our members have really rather lovely smiles, wouldn't you say?
  6. Rave in a Cave
    Rave in a Cave
    A climber comes up against one of the built in featues on the wall
  7. Joan of Arch
    Joan of Arch
    Joan Climbs past the arch on the Wall
  8. Race You
    Race You
    Two climbers ascend the GOEC wall
  9. Willing people
    Willing people
    Some are willing to climb, Some are willing to watch
  10. The Wall
    The Wall
    GOEC Climbing Wall
  11. Chairman Steve
    Chairman Steve
    Steve drops in for ... (pun exhausted)
  12. Muckross Magic
    Muckross Magic
    A climber takes on Muckross, a spectacular rock climbing formation in Donegal
  13. See? Cliff!
    See? Cliff!
    A climber learning to navigate some stunning Sea Cliffs
  14. Oh Hugh
    Oh Hugh
    Hugh have such a lovely jumper
  15. Slab Slob
    Slab Slob
    Eoin demos basic technique on the slab wall
  16. Boulder Buddies
    Boulder Buddies
    Josh & Chris attempt the bouldering problems
  17. Droning On
    Droning On
    UAV Pilot Josh delivers a crimping masterclass.. its where your hand becomes a hook.. i dunno ... ask him
  18. Hanging out
    Hanging out
    Or should that be rocking out.... hmm.. the responsibility of captioning photos on a website
  19. Branching out
    Branching out
    Tree Surgeon John makes the move out onto the overhang wall