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     I am a certified UAV pilot and generally use my powers for photography and filming rather than              dropping unpleasant things.
     I'd tried bouldering and rock climbing on a few occasions before joining the Hanging Rockers. Now I      think I've found my lifetime sport.

Josh Hanna

I have been lucky enough to travel the world staying in eco villages and experiencing off grid life. I am a student at Queens University studying Social Anthropology and will hopefully graduate this summer.
I'm one of the most recently joined members but the atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly I immediatly felt totally at home and my addiction to climbing and bouldering is spiralling way out of control, I love it!

Emma Fisher

My name is Patrick, I'm a native of Co. Leitrim. I studied Mechanical Engineering. I've being hiking and climbing for the last 14 years and hope to do the same for many more.
For me, the best thing about the Hanging Rockers are the the people. I've met some amazing and inspirational climbers, many of whom I would consider my friends.

Patrick Crawford

I love being in the outdoors and trying new sports like rock climbing and kayaking. I've been lucky enough to do some climbing and kayaking all over the world. I'm not an expert but I enjoy getting outside and have made some great friends through mountaineering. I was in my university mountaineering club and competed in the intervarsities.
I've volunteered as a youth climbing club coach on and of for a few years now. Apart from that I also have experience coordinating the Duke of Edinburgh through teaching.

Elena Murphy