Begin a journey with ups and abseils.

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I'm new to climbing. Where do I start?
It may be a cliche, but start at the beginning., everyone had to start somewhere.
Our experienced induction team will provide a tailor made course to help you get the basics and further support can be provided if you feel you want more.
Click the link to contact us and arrange an evening to come down and have a look or simply get stuck into your induction.
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I'm an experienced climber, how do I get involved?
Experienced climbers may not need an induction course but will still be required, as are all climbers at the club, to have a committee member agree that you are capable of safely using the wall whilst unsupervised.
This is simply to ensure everyones safety, including yours. 

Please get in touch to arrange an evening to come down and get onto the wall.
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Get in Touch
We use the top class climbing facilities at Gortatole with autobelay devices for climbing alone, many world class lead routes of varying difficulties and a seperate bouldering area as well as having tea & coffee on tap (and occasionally a sweet treat).
Check it out along with loads of awesome outdoors shots in our gallery.
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The Rules
All members or guests to the wall must familiarise themselves and at all times obey the HRCC Rules of Use in order to ensure everyones safety.
See the Conditions of Use here